Your safety, and the reliability of your system is paramount, and we aim to ensure this through regular system maintenance. We offer maintenance, repair, and revamp services for our own installations and those done by others.


Services offered include:


  • Annual or bi-annual maintenance visits – these are carried out based on a renewable maintenance contract

  • Ad-hoc maintenance visits – these “by request” visits and are charged on a time and materials basis covering the same service items as in an annual or bi-annual visit

  • Repair or adjustment – visits may include repair and/or replacement of systems components as required, or adjustments to switching and light levels

  • System revamp – a service reserved for systems that haven’t been maintained or perhaps used for a few years. We will review your entire system for safety, water or other damage, or other faults and advise on and effect repairs/replacements


If you would like to request a sample copy of our standard maintenance contract, or if you would like a quotation for your system, please contact us .