lighting types & techniques


We use many different lighting types and techniques in our designs, examples of which are listed below. We will listen carefully to your requirements and provide you with guidance on the best lighting. When offering advice we consider:


  • The location, colour, size, texture and density of the objects to be illuminated

  • Whether the illuminated object is static or involves movement, growth or seasonal changes

  • The colour, power, beam angle, and position of the required light source

  • How the source of light is to be switched, how often it will be on and for how long

  • Whether it is in a location where it could be tampered with or even vandalised

  • Whether the light itself is to be a feature


Examples of just some of the lighting techniques we employ are shown in the photographs opposite. Click on individual photos for a larger view:



We utilise a very wide variety of lighting in our designs, both electric and naked flame. Examples include spotlights, spread-lights, floodlights, recessed lights, LED lighting (including linear and fairy lights), step-lights, fountain and other waterproof lights, fibre optic, solar powered, oil lanterns and torches.


With many years of experience of using fittings and lamps (bulbs) from different manufacturers, Lighting Alfresco can offer guidance on the best options for you. Where possible we will make samples of light fittings available to help you make final decisions.


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