The unique qualities of every home and garden, together with the lifestyle and interests of its owner are central to all our design work. Whilst your initial thoughts and requirements can be discussed by telephone, our design work really starts with a preliminary on-site visit.


Whether it is a small courtyard or a multi-acre garden you are looking to light, our design documents cover:


  • A full description of the purposes of lighting in each area and the effects used

  • Luminary (light fitting) specifications – location, position, power, beam angles, colour, and life expectancy

  • Cabling requirements – internal and external

  • Switching requirements and schedule – both manual and automatic, including safety protection and isolation

  • Power consumption and running costs

  • Operational and maintenance requirements


All designs are broken down by area allowing you to consider the benefits versus the cost for each element of the lighting. Where appropriate we will suggest different lighting alternatives.


A more detailed description of aspects we consider when producing a design can be found here