installation stages


Each project goes through the following stages of installation:


  • Material preparation – all fittings, switching and other control gear are assembled and prepared for installation in our workshop

  • Cabling and supplies – we will identify the source(s) of power for the lighting or other electrical equipment. Our installers will lay out all cabling and work with your chosen landscaper* to ensure it is buried correctly

  • All sources of power will be checked for correct levels of protection and to ensure they meet current wiring regulations (upgrades will be made if required)

  • Lighting installation – our specialist installers will connect the light fittings ensuring that all connections are waterproof and lights are positioned to provide correct illumination

  • Switching – switching for both operation and isolation is installed and programmed

  • Testing – all circuits are electrically and functionally tested and certificates issued

  • Final setup – final adjustments to effects, light levels and colour, are made after which we will be pleased to walk you through your new lighting and other systems


At all stages every effort will be made to ensure work is carried out with the minimum mess and disruption, within your time constraints, and in close coordination with other contractors. We fully recognise that you have a choice and that much of our business results from referrals made by satisfied customers. Our goal is to not only leave you satisfied the day the installation is complete, but to ensure that you are delighted with our work for many years to come. We also recognize that any work carried out in, or around the home can cause inconvenience. We continually strive to improve, and always welcome feedback and suggestions.


*We can also recommend landscaping and groundwork services