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For many of us our garden is an extension to our home, and our evenings are precious times of relaxation and entertainment. For keen horticulturists, the garden is a place of beauty or even living art, whose sights, sounds, and fragrances are to be appreciated through the changing seasons. Some cultures even regard the garden as a place of healing.


Most people’s lifestyles today encompass multiple uses for the garden:


  • Sitting out & entertaining - spring, summer, or autumn, for many eating out, or simply having friends round for a drink in an atmospherically lit garden (with, when appropriate a patio heater or two!) is one of the highlights of the year.


  • Reading or working - whether it be a good book, newspaper, or some business papers that must be read, with the right lighting, a glass of wine, and the natural ambience, the garden can provide just the right setting for many pleasurable hours away from the television.


  • Cooking - the simple barbecue is just the start, for anyone who has experienced dining outdoors in foreign climes, or even some of the more exotic restaurants in the UK, cooking outside can be enormous fun and quite an adventure.


  • A favourite view or place to sit - soaking up (or even showing off) the beauty of your garden from a favourite view point or during an evening stroll. You can relax to the sound of water, birds, insects or even music and enjoy plant fragrances which are sometimes strongest in the evening or at night.


However you use your home outdoors today, or in the future, being able to extend this time of pleasure is now more possible than ever.