aesthetic design

aesthetic design


Introducing light into a garden at night will create views never experienced during the daytime. During the day a garden is awash with light, at night the structure and colour of specimen trees and shrubs can be singled out, the warmth and intimacy of a terrace or courtyard can be enhanced, and sculpture and water features can become key focal points framed by surrounding planting.


In general we apply three principles:


  • Less is often more – the selective use of light creates exciting views, contrasting the illuminated features with dark background, or throwing objects into silhouette adds drama that is impossible to create in the daytime

  • The light source should not be seen – with the exception of some feature lights, where it is the light fitting itself that is the focal point, it should be the garden feature that is seen and not the source of the light

  • That safety and security can be achieved without compromising aesthetics – safe movement around pathways, steps, water features, and terrace areas can be ensured without introducing glare and light pollution or floodlighting. Creating a sense of occupancy and good coordination of lighting with security systems such as CCTV can be much more effective than floodlights


We aim to make your garden a magical place at night, one to be enjoyed year round.